Residents Fees

Security Deposit:

  • 50% of one (1) Month’s Rent
    • Single unit security deposit: $607.50
    • Double unit security deposit: $725.00
  • The Security Deposit is a one-time charge at the beginning of the lease term which is held by Village Gate Homes until the end of your lease term.  The Security Deposit less any damages or outstanding fees is refunded to you at the end of your lease term.

Monthly Cost:

  • Single unit @$1,215.00
  • Double unit @$1,450.00

Other Fees:

  • Late Fees and NSF Cheques: $35.00 per occurrence
  • Lost Keys: $15.00 per occurrence and per key
  • Lost Key Fob: $60.00 per occurrence and per fob
  • Lockout charge: $85.00 plus tax per occurrence
  • Transfer of unit: $250.00

Payment Schedule:

Rental payments are made monthly to Village Gate Homes by a pre-authorized payment method from a Canadian financial institution of your choosing.