Residents Fees Payment Received

Thank you, your payment has been received.

Please do not resubmit your payment if you are seeing this message, if there is an issue with your payment, we will contact you directly. Should we require any further information we will contact you directly.

Per Section 3B of the MBA House Agreement it is also understood and agreed that if the Resident cancels this agreement prior to the commencement day of the TERM, the landlord may return the Security Deposit as genuine pre-estimate of the Landlords’ damaages arising where from. If this agreement is cancelled by the Resident on or after the commencement date fo the term or after the move-in date, whichever is earlier, the terms and conditions of Section 8 shall apply.

Section 8L: A contract termination fee equivilent to the two (2) months of monthly rent shall be paid to the landlord in the event of cancellation by the Resident.